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Los Angeles is a changing city, and few people have been a part of those changes in such a fundamental way as contractor and businessman, Greg Missick, the founder and president of GJM Engineering.  California is known for growth and innovation, and GJM Engineering serves as an example of this spirit.  

Greg’s last venture, Plumb-Tech served an integral role in building some of LA’s most recent and impressive luxury apartment and resort living multi-unit developments.  Constructing nearly ten thousand units in past seven years, his emphasis on integrity and efficiency has helped to maximize the speed of construction and profitability for his own business as well as the developers he has worked with. 

GJM Engineering is a business formed after the culmination of more than 30 years in the construction industry.  As a construction engineering firm, GJM builds upon its employees’ expertise in plumbing and mechanical, while expanding the services it can provide.  GJM is confident that over the next decade it will grow as a recognized leader in the Western United States as a firm that provides professionalism and expertise in construction and public works projects.  As a partner with private developers and government agencies, GJM is eager to build the residential, commercial, and infrastructure needs of our nation for the 21st century.   

GJM Engineering Inc.

G J M   Engineering  Inc.       

GJM Engineering is proud to announce the creation of a Public Works Division. 

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GJM Engineering Is A Licensed California Construction And Engineering Company. 

License Number: 920805

Licenses: C34, C36, A

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